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In this short clip, Anne Humphrey, HIF Executive Manager, joined the team at Everyday Health TV to highlight the importance of reviewing your health insurance, whilst sharing her top tips on how to save some dollars too. 

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Tiffany Cherry: There’s been a lot of talk lately about reviewing your private health cover and Anne Humphrey an Executive Manager at HIF joins us once again. Anne, why is it so important?

Anne Humphrey: Well Tiff, life changes. When we were young, fit and healthy we might only want to be covered for a few Extras like general dental or physio or maybe even some basic hospital were maternity, cardio procedures and joint replacements are excluded. But our circumstances change and that is why it is really important that every year we revisit our health cover.

Casey Beros: So Anne, what’s the best way to review your current policy because there’s so much information out there it can be quite confusing?

Anne Humphrey: Well my advice is to talk to your health fund or visit the government website where you can review all the policies that are available. Look just one thing to note, if you go to another comparison website you won’t be reviewing all the policies and you might be missing out on the policy that is best for you.

Sam Wood: That’s good advice. What about a few tips on how to save some dollars when it comes to your health cover?

Anne Humphrey: I’d recommend that you always take out the highest level of cover that you can afford because remember this is insurance, so you’re insuring against a risk. If you can take out a comprehensive hospital cover but to reduce your premium and make that saving look for the highest level of excess that you can. Other ways to make a saving; pay your premium either six monthly or annually and you can get a small discount there. Another little trick is before the annual increases come in every year which is 1 April every year – just before they come in you can lock in your premium for twelve months by paying it ahead for that twelve month period.

Sam Wood: That’s a great little tip.

Anne Humphrey: Look I know we don’t like to talk about it but our families are the most important thing to us; so the health of us and our families so isn’t it good to have the insurance to make sure you’re covered just in case the worst happens – even though we hope it doesn’t.

Tiffany Cherry: Always for peace of mind.

Sam Wood: Absolutely.

Tiffany Cherry: Thank you so much for joining us?

Anne Humphrey: Thank you.


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