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Matt Lambie: Fourteen years or so ago, I became a member of HIF predominately for the Extras Cover. There was a couple of different reasons for me - the ease of online claims is a big one that I think people often overlook. For me, the mobile app makes it easy to submit those claims. The big one though, I think, is being able to choose who my provider is. For me that's a really strong reason to choose HIF. I want to be in control of choosing my health professionals rather than my insurer dictating who it is for me. Being able to choose my own dentist (for my own treatment and my sons) is the single biggest factor when I'm considering a health insurer. It's why I've been with HIF for so long; their dedication to supporting me in making those decisions for my family is immeasurably important to me. I do a fair bit of interstate travel and I know that HIF follows me literally around the country. So if I need to call on my insurer it doesn't matter which state I am in. Now show us your big smile - yay, there it is! 


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