HIF receives environmental accolade after a decade of carbon neutral certification.

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West Australian based health insurer HIF has been recognised by the Carbon Reduction Institute for its efforts in helping protect the environment.

HIF Managing Director Graeme Gibson said HIF was Australia’s very first health insurer to be certified carbon neutral, with a focus on environmental responsibility both internally and externally.

“As well as focusing on delivering great value for money to our Members, HIF is committed to doing everything it can to reduce environmental impact around the world.

“We care about our Members and their families, who will inherit our planet for years to come. That’s why, since 2009, we’ve been committed to maintaining our ‘NOCO2’ carbon neutral certification.”

Mr Gibson said that to become a certified NOCO2 organisation, the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) were commissioned to review and analyse HIF’s business.

“They calculated our carbon footprint and provided recommendations on how we could improve. Since then, we've offset all remaining emissions through the purchase of carbon abatement credits.

Currently, we’re purchasing carbon offsets focused on reducing fossil fuel emissions to improve public health and environmental degradation.”

Carbon Reduction Institute Environmental Programs Advisor Garth Mulholland said HIF’s support of biomass projects in India ensures that real reductions in emissions are being achieved in a country where emissions must be reduced dramatically over a short period of time for global temperature increase targets to be met.

‘’These projects divert energy use away from grid power which uses brown coal. Therefore, not only does HIF’s support of these projects achieve emissions reductions but also leads to positive health outcomes for the local population, also reducing illnesses and deaths related to pollution.”


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