Tummy-Lovin Green Smoothie


Jaime Rose Chambers

June is bowel cancer awareness month. One of the ways we know to keep our bowel in tip top shape is to eat plenty of fibre from a variety of plant foods. Fibre helps to create normal, healthy bowel motions and is the fuel for the cells in the colon as well as being the food for the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Couple that with a high dose of probiotic bacteria and you’ve got a tummy-lovin combo. Putting it in a smoothie form can also make it a little easier to digest and access those precious nutrients.  Try our simple and easy Tummy-Loving green smoothie today!


1 green kiwi (peeled or keep on the skin for extra tummy loving benefits) 

1 frozen banana 

1/4 cup baby spinach 

1 cup milk (of your choice) 

1/2 cup probiotic yoghurt 

1 tsp chia seeds 

1 tsp flaxseeds 

1 tbsp rolled oats 



Place all ingredients into a Nutribullet, blender or food process and blend well until smooth and creamy.  

It's that easy! 

Jaime Rose Chambers

Please note: Jaime's blog is general advice only. For further information on this topic, please consult your healthcare professional.

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