Happy (Healthy) Halloween


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Trick the kids into gobbling these hauntingly healthy snacks, they're as fun to make as they are to eat...


Celery Mummies

Celery, light cream cheese and a few slices of ham are all it takes to create these scary yet delicious crunchy mummies! Simply place the cream cheese in a re-sealable plastic bag. Cut 1/2 inch off one corner and pipe one tablespoon into each celery piece for a cleaner look, then cut your deli meat into small strips and place them in a criss-cross pattern. Finish with raisins or dried cranberries for the eyes.


Mummy Toast

Grab some low-fat cheese slices and a few olives and turn a plain piece of wholemeal toast into a creepy mummified snack. It's so easy to make! Toast the bread first and then assemble the mummy. Spread on a layer of pizza sauce, then arrange the cheese so that it resembles mummy bandages and hide in some black olive slices for the eyes. If your little ones would like the cheese melted, you can pop it under the grill.


Cheesy Brooms

Surprise the kids by packing away these little witch brooms into their school lunch. How to make it? Fold each low-fat cheese slice and cut the bristles of the broom using kitchen scissors. Wrap it in a pretzel stick, then use a fresh chive as a string to keep it in place. So simple! 


Spidery Sangas

Turn your kid’s favourite sandwich into a spooky mini spider version. All you need is some wholemeal bread, light cream cheese or peanut butter for the filling, pretzel sticks for the spider legs and raisins for the eyes. Creepy crawly school lunch complete! 


Grinning Goblins

Encourage the kids to eat their veggies with these fun and ghoulish goblin grins. This one is super easy and you only need three ingredients - pea pods, red capsicums and some slivered almonds. All you have to do to is slice!


Apple Bites

Apples with peanut butter? YUM! Throw in some slivered almonds to make these apple bites look just like little grisly monster mouths! A perfect healthy Halloween snack that the kids will guzzle up, and this has to be one of the easiest Halloween treats in all of Halloween treat-making history. Slice up the apples, spread on some jam or peanut butter for the tongue and then push some slivered almonds in for the teeth… GRRRRRR!


Monster Melon

And last but by no means least; we have this ghastly monster melon.  The great part about this one is that it’s easily created and the only carving required is the mouth. Stuff the inside with the leftover watermelon and other fruits, and let spill out of its mouth for display. Simple and so effective, the kids will love it.

Happy Halloween from HIF!

We hope it's a spook-tacular one and you enjoy these tasty healthy treats. 

* For more creepy Halloween snacks and full recipe details, visit Listotic.com

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