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Choosing the right breed of dog to suit you and your family's lifestyle is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Are you wanting a dog that will jump at the chance to join you on a long run? or a heart pumping hike? or should you prefer one that is more suited to cuddles on the couch and a less active exercise program.

Well for the active bunnies, gun dogs like the Labrador are lean but sturdy so can keep pace with either a sprint workout or a long distance run. As can Weimaraners, Vizsla’s and the German Shorthaired Pointers.

Kelpies and Border Collies like all cattle and herding dogs need plenty of exercise so any of these will fit the build. Whilst the magnificent Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally bred to hunt lions in Africa, so it doesn't get more athletic than that.

Dalmatians were originally bred to escort carriages and keep pace with the horses. Whilst the fun loving boxers were used as couriers during the war and to chase down large game, so running is in their blood.

Despite their prancing gate the energetic Poodle is great for short to middle distances and the athletic German and Belgian Shepherds will certainly go the distance.

If you’re looking for a small but compact running mate Jack Russell Terriers have boundless energy as do Airedale Terriers and lets not forget the mere Bitzer like Darcy who could give plenty of these breeds a run for their money.

On the flip side for the less active, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was bred primarily as a lap dog and companion and is very happy to play this role. Even though they do like to explore, chase and sniff outdoors.

The fun loving but rather lazy Pug is always happy to idol the time away by your side on the couch. Though you may have to vacuum the hair left behind regularly. And believe it or not the Irish Wolfhound, Deerhound and Greyhound are relaxed and low key at home as is the Great Dane loving nothing more than to keep you company on the couch… you’ll just need a very big one and lots of space in your home.

The Basset Hound, English and French Bulldogs are also great for a less active lifestyle. It is important to note though whilst these breeds are happy to snuggle all day on the couch they still need to have a good daily walk or a good session of play time, ball throwing, or run around the park.  Whilst these are just a few suggestions on the either end of the scale every dog is an individual just like us humans.

So do research a breed thoroughly and learn as much as you can about their general temperament, their behaviour traits and common conditions before making a commitment to get one.

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