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Did you know with HIF Pet Insurance, you can choose the percentage you’d like to receive back on any of our three levels of cover? Plus, you’ll also receive continuous cover for your pet regardless of their age or claims history. In this short clip with our friends at Pooches at Play, Lara and Gyton chat through the importance of insuring your pooch and how quick and easy it is to sign up for HIF Pet.

Video Transcription

Gyton: Hey Lara, do you know the first night I got George, he was eight weeks old, brand new puppy, and he got really sick. He was vomiting everywhere, coughing, diarrhea. So I had to take him to the emergency vet. Apparently, he had a parasite of some sort. 

Lara: That's not good!

Gyton: Yeah and the vet said he would have died that night if I hadn't of taken him. But, the biggest surprise was the thousand dollar bill I go the next day.

Lara: Whooaa! I am guessing if it was the first day you didn't have pet insurance?

Gyton: Of course I didn't. So, I need to learn more about it.

Lara:  Well I must admit when I got Darcy, I didnt think about it until I got Darcy, and thought is he a bit too old to insure. But luckily, with HIF he isn't.

Gyton: Right, so how would I set George up with HIF? Is it pretty simple? Do I need to get his whole medical history on paper?

Lara: No you don't need that all now, and in fact it's really simple. I’ll show you here. Basically all we have to do is go online and we can get a quote. All you need to do, is you need to put the full history of illnesses and injuries that George has had, and you don’t need to send in all the paperwork right now which is handy.

Gyton: Well what about Darcy? He’s adopted, he’s only been with you for a year or so. You don’t have all of his history.

Lara: I don’t have hardly any of his history, and luckily though HIF does understand that people do adopt dogs. So basically, if anything was to happen I would just have to show them when I got him, and any medical history that I have since then really.

Lara: Alrighty, so we know the age. Breed? We just put in there breed.

Gyton: What did you put down for Darcy?

Lara: Well his microchip does say he’s a maltese cross toy poodle. A maltipoo. So, I just like to go with that.

Gyton: Right, and George is a cocker spaniel

Lara: And even if you don’t know their age, at least you can just give an honest estimate or a vet can usually tell by their teeth.

Gyton: OK, well George is four. I know that for a fact, so can I still get him top level of cover. 

Lara: You sure can. The cut off age to start middle or top level cover is nine years old.

Gyton: Wow.

Lara: Yeah! The part of the reason they have a cut off age is because a dog at that age has probably had some pre-existing conditions.

Gyton: Right, so it’s just like humans. You can’t just sign up, claim, and then disappear again.

Lara: Exactly, it makes it a bit unfair on everyone else doesn’t it really. So, that's why it makes it applies across all insurance companies. So, there’s no point in shopping and changing around. And, it just makes sure it’s fair for everyone.

Gyton: Now what about dog breeds? We know that some are more susceptible to certain illnesses than others.

Lara: Nope, that doesn't matter to HIF either. Again it just comes back to whether they’ve had a pre-existing condition or not.

Gyton: Alright, and how much do I get back if I make a claim?

Lara: Well that’s up to you. Ok, say when you do your form, and we want to put in eighty percent. Then when you get your vet bill back, you will get eighty percent of the eligible expenses back.

Gyton: So, how much do you pay for Darcy?

Lara: About the same as two or three coffees a week.

Gyton: Or, two to three ice soy chai lattes.

Lara: No that much! Anyway, the peace of mind is definitely worth it though.

Gyton: Yes, peace of mind is important. I don’t want anything happening with George because we can’t have Darcy being the only star of the show. So, can you order us soy chai lattes on this?

Lara: No! It’s a quote form.


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