How Health Insurance Provided New-Parents with Peace of Mind and Choice

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Tammy George

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The birth of a first child is a magical moment. For James and Claire, this was exactly it when they welcomed their baby boy, Henry into the world. With Henry arriving two weeks early, having private health insurance was a saving grace for the couple.

Many believe they will go through labour and give birth without medical intervention. But data shows, more often than not, labour does require intervention. Not many people think about how beneficial health insurance is for first time parents, it’s not until plans change it becomes a thought.

James is a registered nurse and was aware going private would give them the freedom to choose their own specialists, delivery hospital and birthing plan. 

“Having private health insurance and choosing your obstetrician is very important for your first child”. 

The couple were able to sit down and make a decision on who was going to provide Claire’s obstetric care throughout her pregnancy. First-time mothers find it very comforting to see a doctor they know, and trust oversee their birthing journey.

“Our obstetrician was great, and everything was smooth sailing…even with Claire being induced two-weeks early”.

Being a HIF member meant James and Claire had access to a single room with a HIF contracted private hospital. It also meant James could stay with Claire and Henry at the hospital days after the birth. 

In most cases of a natural birth with no complications, public patients can go home within 24 hours of giving birth. For all parents the first few days and weeks after having a baby can be overwhelming. With the help of private health insurance, the return home can be a smoother transition. You might be able to stay in hospital longer and just like James and Claire, stay together with your new bub.

“HIF are great at communicating with members, they’ve always made it easy to get in contact with. I contact them on social media and receive a reply within hours!

“When it came to finding information regarding my hospital boarding fee and other out-of-pocket expenses, Claire and I knew exactly what to expect...It was all discussed upfront and any questions we had were answered so quickly.

“From changing cover and now adding Henry to our cover, they really have been great to deal with...HIF really can’t do enough for us”.

For James and Claire, the extra cost of maternity cover was beyond worth it, for the peace of mind and choice it gave them.

Tammy George

Please note: Tammy's blog is general advice only. For further information on this topic please consult your healthcare professional.

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