How First Time Dads Can Help Reach Those Milestones

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Tammy George

expectant parents looking at an ultrasound of their baby

You’re going to be a dad, congratulations! Life as you know it is going to change forever. Despite the excitement and job, dads can sometimes feel a little left out. After all, it’s their partner who is doing all the heavy lifting what with carrying the baby for nine months, giving birth, breastfeeding and perhaps the main caregiver during the child’s early years. But there’s no need to stand on the sidelines. Jump in from pregnancy and play an active part on the child-rearing team. You will love it!

Attend appointments

Between now and the birth of your little bundle, your partner will have quite a few appointments to attend from the obstetrician to blood tests and ultrasounds. While it’s not necessary to attend them all, make a few diary entries so you can be there for the main appointments. It’s a good idea to meet the obstetrician before the big day so attend one of the check-up appointments. You won’t want to miss the ultrasound scans where you get an opportunity to see your bub on the screen so be sure to book in those appointments.  

Go on the hospital tour

Doing a tour of the hospital will ensure you know where to park and which entrance to use when the time comes for your partner to give birth. By attending antenatal classes with your partner, you will learn some valuable information on how to support your partner during and after the birth.

Show your Support

Pregnancy can be a stressful and emotional time for expectant mothers. Make sure you show your partner that she has your understanding and support. You might be needed to pass the tissues, rub her feet or just look interested when she suggests yet another baby name.

Be a Hands On-Dad

You might have thought that your part doesn’t really start until your child is old enough for Auskick. But you’re wrong. Things have changed since you were a child. From the moment your baby is born, your job begins. Play an active role and you will look back and be glad that you did.

Take pride in changing nappies, bathing and entertaining baby. Enjoy taking the baby out for a walk in the pram; these years fly by. Take an interest in which groceries are running low. No mum wants to load a baby in the car to go to the shops for a few items. Make it part of your job and she will thank you for it.

Pick up the camera occasionally and tell your partner to stay in the shot, your child will glad you did. All too many kids have hundreds of photos of them with dad and almost none with mum because she’s the one taking the shot.  

You will only be a first-time dad once and you will only have a new baby in your life a few times. There is so much you can do for your family as you all go through many firsts together. Just think how proud you will be when your child pulls on that footy guernsey for the first time, knowing you’ve played an active part in your child’s early years.

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Tammy George

Please note: Tammy's blog is general advice only. For further information on this topic please consult your healthcare professional.

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