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You’ve probably heard this one a thousand times but we can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your skin from the sun, not only to reduce the risk of melanoma but also the signs of aging. As HIF blogger Dr. Sam Hay explains, “Melanoma is the worst type of skin cancer there is.  This year alone, by the time you get home from work each day, 35 Aussies will have been diagnosed with this horrible disease, and five will have died. UVB is the major cause of sunburn and skin cancer, but there's definitely risk from UVA (which contributes to skin aging and some cancer risk).  SPF50+ sunscreens offer a little better UVB protection, filtering 98% of UVB light compared to 96.7% with SPF30+; and added UVA protection.  It still needs to be applied regularly (every two hours or after swimming/towelling), and used with other sun protection measures such as hats, sunglasses, clothes, and staying in the shade. “


Feeling nervous about how your teeth will look in photos this summer? Relax, we’ve got you covered. Our range of great-value Extras Cover options start from just 66 cents per day* and include heaps of dental services like teeth cleaning, stain removal, bleaching and more. Even better, we don’t restrict our members to “Preferred Provider” lists, meaning you can visit any dentist you like and still claim a great rebate. Click here to learn more about our popular dental benefits.


Sunglasses are an important part of any summer ensemble and with HIF, you’re covered for heaps of fashionable prescription sunnies as well as normal specs and contact lenses. We’ve also locked in a range of exclusive bonus discounts with optical partners including OPSM, Specsavers, VSP, Laubman & Pank, Sneaking Duck and Optical Direct. To find out more and see how much you could save, visit our Optical Benefits webpage.


If the thought of wearing bathers in public leaves you cold, don’t stress! There’s still time to kick start a new health regime and we can help with that too. Whether you join a gym, invest in a weight loss program or get active with a new fitness routine, our Extras Cover “Healthy Lifestyle Benefit” will contribute $50-$125 per year, depending on your level of cover. And with so many great healthy lifestyle options to choose from – gym memberships,  yoga, pilates, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Michelle Bridges’ 12 WBT, Kate Morgan and more – what are you waiting for? Click here to explore our full range of benefits.


The festive season often leads to over-indulgence, so what can we do to maintain good physical health during the warmer months? For starters, why not keep track of what you’re consuming and opt for healthy choices wherever possible.  As our nutritional expert Susie Burrell explains, even small changes like swapping iced coffee for iced tea can make a big difference. “A mix of coffee and milk may sound simple enough” says Susie, “but when you add ice-cream, cream and flavouring, a medium iced coffee will set you back more than 500 calories and up to 30g of fat. Instead, grab your favourite flavoured tea, mix with boiled water and allow to cool, then serve with plenty of ice. You’ll still have a refreshing drink but for virtually zero calories.”. To view Susie's full article, click here.


Summer in Australia is synonymous with outdoor activities –swimming, surfing, sky diving, wake boarding, cycling, hiking, horse riding, team sports... the list is endless. And although we all like to think we’re invincible, accidents do happen from time to time, so it pays to be prepared. Take our GoldVital Hospital + Saver Options Extras policy for example - for as little as $2.03 a day*, you’ll be fully covered for ambulance trips plus in-hospital treatment for accidental injuries. Makes sense doesn’t it, especially when you consider one urgent ambulance callout can cost over $900 these days!

* The daily pricing (above) is based on a single policy in WA paid yearly via direct debit after deducting a 26.791% Federal Government Rebate and a 4% annual discount. Depending on your current household income, the rebate you can claim may be reduced. This pricing is correct as of 1 April 2016. Prices may vary for other states and territories.

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