Spring into Training - A Few Quick Tips to Taking Your Exercise Outdoors This Spring


Em Batger

It’s felt like a very long winter… mostly because we have been ‘locked down’ for the entirety of it. This has meant that most of us have become very very familiar with the inside of our houses having spent the majority of our days confined it its 4 walls.  

As lockdown starts to ease (fingers crossed), we have a little more freedom (hopefully) and the weather a little warmer (hello spring). I am very much looking forward to doing some workouts outside! 

There are so many great ways to exercise outdoors with the most obvious being walking and running. I mean you literally lace up your shoes and off you go. 

If you are like me and have pounded the local pavement way too many times maybe you need to shake things up and venture a little further from home (within the limits of the restrictions please).  

There are heaps of National Parks littered around Sydney with amazing trail walks that are begging to be explored; there are coastal tracks, local parks and neighbouring suburbs with streets you may have never walked down before! In my opinion a change of scenery can kickstart a whole new level of motivation when it comes to exercise.   

Want to step up the intensity? Soft sand running or why not make it a run, swim, run. I mean anything that incorporates a dip in the ocean is good for your soul leaving you feeling refreshed & recharged. My other favourite go to outdoors sweat session is stairs. It’s quick, easy and guaranteed get your heart pumping and your legs burning. 

If walking or running isn’t your thing what about a simple circuit at the local park? All you really need is yourself (and maybe a training partner because, well it’s fun to exercise with a friend and it keeps you accountable).  Push ups, step ups, squats, lunges, crunches, burpees, planks are just a few body weighted ideas to get you started. I’m a sucker for a pyramid style of circuit. Start with 30 reps of each, then 25, 20, 15 and 10. If you aren’t sure on the technique of some of these exercises there are so many great online programs or apps that you can register with that will provide demonstration videos as well as heaps of other ideas as to how to put together an awesome workout. Same goes for your favourite yoga or pilates classes; most can be found at your fingertips via online platforms so you can do anywhere anytime. 

As the weather continues to warm up don’t forget the importance of hydration, light weight breathable active wear and maybe consider choosing cooler times of the day to train. For me I’m a before sunrise kind of girl, l love to be up early kick starting the day with a good sweat and a little time in my own head before the kid circus awakens!!!  

I think that now more than ever it’s paramount that we all get outside & get active not only for our physical wellbeing but for our mental health! 

Em Batger

Please note: Em's blog is general advice only. For further information on this topic, please consult your healthcare professional.


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