Leanne Hall

Ben Nash

Therapist, Presenter and Author

Leanne is an experienced psychologist with additional qualifications in health and fitness and an impressive career as a therapist and health coach spanning 20 years.
She’s worked in the media for several years, is regularly quoted by a number of online and print publications and has featured on a variety of broadcast programs including The Living Room, Studio 10 and most recently Channel 7’s Bride & Prejudice.

She’s the author of Head First Health Fast, the Smart Approach to Outwitting Body Issues and Sustaining Achievable Health and is currently completing her PhD in Ultra Running.

Leanne has a passion for youth mental health and social justice which has spanned her entire clinical career. She works as the Clinical Lead for a charity advocating for the mental health needs of our youth, and has been recognised for her work with Rotary Australia, in providing mental health education to students, parents and teachers across a number of high schools.

She’s also a wife and Mum of 2 who believes in the value of investing in loved ones, and taking time out to reflect on what matters.
Leanne is available for media, brand partnerships, TV, radio presenting and corporate keynote speaking opportunities.

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