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Tammy George

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Embarking on a trip halfway around the world can seem daunting, and doing it on your own can feel downright intimidating. Many challenges can arise - from dealing with feelings of loneliness to learning as much as possible about the places and getting by safely. But putting the worry aside and embarking on a solo trip to Australia could be one of the best experiences ever. You may learn more about yourself in months than you would in a lifetime, and do it while enjoying the incredible Aussie sights.

Benefits of Solo Travel in Australia

Travelling alone brings many benefits that may be forgotten when travelling with someone else. Here are just a few.

Complete Freedom

Travelling on your own means you’re free to discover whatever part of Australia you please. Forget about confirming plans, sticking to a schedule, or going to places of no interest. You won't need to make travel or activity decisions based on someone's budget. And if you want to save in some destinations and spend more in others, the choice is yours. 

If you’ve travelled with another person before, you’ll know there can be moments or days of frustration or annoyance. Parts of the trip can be tense, but the good thing is spending time alone can make you feel happier and less stressed.  

Being Independent

Solo travel is a great way to become more independent, challenge yourself to do new things, and to meet more people. Travelling alone can make you realise you have more skills and are capable of much more than you thought possible. Without a travel companion, chances are you'll talk to people and make friends for company and travel tips. Talking to other travellers about future destinations is one of the best ways of gaining information. 

If English is your second language, this is your chance to improve your verbal communication skills. When travelling with a friend or family member who speaks the same language as you, stretching out of your comfort zone is less likely. Weeks and months of travelling in Australia can improve your English proficiency, which is highly beneficial.     

Sense of Accomplishment

Nothing is more satisfying than finding your way around a foreign country and feeling fulfilled while enjoying the trip of a lifetime. For many, solo travelling is a self-discovery trip. If you’re young, chances are you haven’t had to make too many decisions by yourself. And travelling alone puts this into practice - making decisions every day, no matter how big or small, with little input from anyone else. At the end of the trip, you’ll return home to family and friends with a camera full of incredible photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

Australia has a world-class healthcare system. Some travellers are covered for accident and emergency care if their country has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia. For others, the overseas visitors' health insurance can cover the cost of any hospital treatment you may need. Extras cover can be added, which provides rebates on ambulance, dental, optical, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and podiatry.   

Working in Australia

Australia needs more workers. The agricultural industry, in particular, relies on travellers during busy harvest times. Employers must comply with strict workers' rights to protect local and international workers. Working holiday visas last 12 months with a maximum of six months per employer.

A woman holding a box of produce at a garden harvest.

Best Solo Travel Destinations in Australia

With the infinite, incredible sights and activities the Australian states and territories offer, you will need more than a lifetime to experience them all. But here are a few of our favourite highlights of each state:

Solo Travel New South Wales

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, has the most recognisable landmarks. Travellers enjoy seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Be sure to ask a local to take your photo in front of these popular masterpieces. Like all major cities in Australia, this bustling city has hostel accommodation ideal for solo travellers. Rather than paying for a hotel room that accommodates two people, a hostel can be a budget-friendly option that provides the opportunity to meet other travellers, swap notes, socialise, and embark on adventures together.   

Solo Travel Queensland

Queensland is a favourite of many overseas travellers. The year-round warm climate provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy a range of adventures - from visiting the Great Barrier Reef and taking a hike in the outback, diving off Townsville to enjoying the world’s oldest rainforest at Cape Tribulation, and the magnificent islands just off the coast.

Solo Travel Victoria

The cosmopolitan city of Melbourne is a great spot to visit Australia’s sporting and culture capital. From there, you're just a one-hour drive away to start enjoying the famous coastal scenery that takes you into regional Victoria. Enjoy the soaring mountain peaks of the Grampians National Park, the mountain villages of the Dandenongs, the steamboats along the Murray River, or the snow resorts of the high country.  

Solo Travel Northern Territory

There are some areas of Australia that attract solo travellers more than others. Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, is a young person’s haven as the party atmosphere continues all week long in Darwin’s restaurants and bars. During the day, you're a short drive away from exploring the culture and incredible landscapes of the Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks. And if you have the time, continue travelling to the red centre to see the world heritage site, Uluru. You won't regret visiting Australia's famous big red rock!

A birds-eye view of Bungle Bungle in Western Australia

Solo Travel Western Australia

The state of Western Australia is as diverse as it is large. From the capital of Perth, you can travel south to visit the world-class wineries, breweries, and famous surf breaks in Margaret River. To the north of Perth is the Ningaloo Reef, with its turquoise-coloured lagoons and whale sharks, manta rays, and turtle swimming expeditions. Further north, you'll find the incredible gorges of the Karijini National Park and then the striking beehive-like rock formations of the Bungle Bungles. The state's long distances and remote parts are best to travel with a travel buddy or with a tour group. 

Solo Travel South Australia

One of the smaller capitals of Australia, Adelaide, is known as the city of churches. Find the Mount Lofty Ranges just beyond the city as well as the stunning Adelaide Hills area, home to incredible food, wines, and scenery to match. In regional areas of South Australia be sure to find plenty of wildlife and conservation parks, a stunning coastline, and historic towns. 

Solo Travel Tasmania

If you like to hike, the trails in Tasmania are top-notch and can take you to some of the most spectacular scenery. Cradle Mountain National Park is a favourite, and the Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park area is stunning.

Solo Australian Travel FAQs

Find some common questions solo travellers have when planning a trip to Australia.

Is Australia good for solo travellers?

Australia is a great location for solo travellers. Locals are friendly and welcoming to travellers wanting to learn more about their great nation. There is so much to see and do, and the temperate climate means it doesn’t matter what time of the year, Australia's weather shouldn’t dampen your plans too much. There is plenty of work for those who qualify for a working visa, particularly in regional areas, so there is the opportunity to finance your future travels.  

Is it worth travelling solo?

Yes, definitely! Beyond having complete freedom to do what you want and go wherever you want, there are infinite upsides to travelling solo. 

How do I find a solo travel group? 

There are plenty of solo travel groups moving around. Search online for solo travel groups in the capital city or state of Australia you are visiting. You may be pleasantly surprised by a meetup group close by!

How can I travel alone and enjoy myself?

One can always find enjoyment when travelling by yourself. Travelling alone doesn't mean you'll feel or be lonely. This is a massive chance to find joy, happiness, and peace within yourself. Moreover, if your funds allow for it, join a tour group. 

Choose a tour that’s checking a destination you’re unlikely to visit on your own because of transport or other constraints.    

If you are worried about joining a tour group full of couples, look for a tour company dedicated to solo travellers. You might make a friend on the tour keen to explore the same area as you in the near future. If you can work in Australia, a job is also a great way to meet people and make new friends to socialise with and enjoy yourself.

Wherever you decide to travel solo or in a group, don’t forget to take out travel insurance. If you’re not sure which policy is right for you, check out our travel insurance page, contact us online or call us on 1300 313 302.   

Tammy George

Please note: Tammy's blog is general advice only. For further information on this topic please consult your healthcare professional.


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