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I have to admit it, I have celebrated Chester’s birthday every year, since his first; almost eleven years ago. Even though he doesn’t understand why I dance around, sing (and wear a party hat), offer copious amounts of treats, and encourage him to ‘unwrap’ his gifts, he still has a ball and so do I. And, that’s what I think this is about. Celebrating milestones in your dog’s life, whether that be their birthday, adoption day, passing puppy school, or going up to the next level in obedience class, you build a bond with your dog. That is always something worth celebrating. 

Anyone who uses Instagram will be aware of some of the soirees dog lovers hold. Firstly, there is the planning. Then the invitations, decorations, venue, photographer, music, games, doggy bags and of course, the cake. There are numerous dog birthday cake recipes online, however, there are also some businesses that have sprung up over the past few years that cater specifically for your four-legged best mate. From pawtisseries to barkeries and everything in between, it is not a surprise when we claim to be a nation of pet lovers. There are even pawty planners, for those who don’t have the time to arrange a private party for their dog. 

But, if you are just looking for a casual event, that celebrates your dog in a more conventional sense, there are lots of low cost and fun ideas that are guaranteed to make for a memorable day. 

Steps for the ultimate dog party

- Let all your friends and pup’s friends know about the day via email or social media
- Choose a park if your home isn’t big enough
- Ask people to bring a plate, or use the barbeque facilities at the local park. 
- Prepare a cake with ingredients you know your dog loves. There are lots of no-baking options to save you time. 
- Charge your smartphone and make sure you have saved all your other doggy photos to your drive, so that you have enough space to take 100s more on the day.  

If it’s a nice day, and you’re more interested in some valuable time with your dog, head to one of the many dog-friendly pubs for an afternoon drink. Or simply buy your dog a new toy. 

Celebrating your best friend 

In essence, what is most valuable to your dog is time. Spending time with them is so important to not only their health and wellbeing, but to yours as well. A simple game that you enjoy together can be so much more valuable to your dog, than an expensive party. It is similar to toddler’s birthday parties, where the it often becomes more about the adults’ experience than the children’. 

For me, I celebrate every day with my dogs. Two out of three of them are rescues, and each day, we all show gratitude in finding each other. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to do things. One of the many attributes I love about dogs is how mindful and grateful they are. They don’t need big parties and expensive gifts. They are just as happy celebrating life for free.  Perhaps then, we should invest the time into celebrating every day with our dogs. I do believe that time is the most inexpensive and invaluable gift you can give anyone. For dogs, it is no different. 

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