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Tammy George

You want your pet to be happy with a new pet sitter while you are away. Finding someone you can trust to look after your beloved pet is important so you can go away confident they are in good hands.

First, you will need to decide if you are going to use a professional pet-sitting organisation or an individual. It's a matter of preference for the owner and what they think their pet would prefer.

Some pets love the interaction of other animals and the services provided at pet retreats while other pets aren't social around other animals and would be happier with one carer or being in their own home, so an individual pet sitter is best for them.

Professional Pet-Sitting Organisation

Some kennels or catteries are located in semi-rural or rural areas so there may be one on the way to your holiday destination. Before booking, make sure you will have enough room in the car to take your pet and their belongings as well as the kids and everything else you need to take. If the car is going to be too full, you may need to make arrangements to take your pet separately or find another location closer to home.    

If you are unsure which organisation to use, ask your vet, friend or family member if they can recommend one. A recommendation will help put your mind at ease that your pet will be well looked after. Make arrangements to go and visit the property so you can see where your pet will be sleeping and running around. A visit to one or more properties will give you a good idea if your pet will be happy there.

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Individual Pet Sitter

You may have decided that you would prefer your pet to stay home and have someone look after the house and garden as well. There are people who regularly house sit who enjoy looking after other people's pets and homes. You can find a house sitter by contacting an agency, looking at Gumtree or the local paper. Make sure you meet your potential house sitter well before you are due to leave to ensure you can trust your pet and house to this person or couple. The benefit of using an agency is they can tell you how many properties and pets they have cared for and the feedback from previous home/pet owners.   

If you are looking for an individual to look after your pets in their home, ask around in your area.  A fellow dog walker may be willing to take in your dog, or they may have used someone they can recommend.

Where to Meet

If your pet sitter is going to be house sitting, ask them to come to your house to meet. This gives you an opportunity to show them where everything is and what needs to be done while you are away.  Make sure they show an interest in your pet and ask if they have looked after a similar pet before.

If you are going to drop off your pet at their house, you could meet somewhere convenient to you both like a park. Explain to them your dog's usual routine and check that the sitter is confident they can walk and provide any medications your pet may take.

By meeting well in advance of your departure date, you will have enough time to find someone else if you don't think the sitter is a good fit for your pet. Your pet is a member of your family, so you want everyone to be happy and healthy while you're not there to take care of them.

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Tammy George

Please note: Tammy's blog is general advice only. For further information on this topic please consult your healthcare professional.

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