The Best and Worst Summer Drinks


Susie Burrell

4 drinks to avoid 

Iced Coffee - A mix of coffee and milk may sound simple enough but when you add icecream, cream and flavouring a medium iced coffee will set you back more than 500 calories and up to 30g of fat.

Fruit Smoothie - Just because it is advertised as being low fat and made using fruit, does not mean it is low in calories. The fruit, yoghurt and milk all add up and the average fruit smoothie can give you as many as 400 calories per serve, as much as a whole meal.

Thickshakes - It will probably not surprise you that a standard thickshake made with plenty of high fat ice cream and flavoured topping will set you back at least 300 calories per serve.

Milkshakes - The extra-large serving sizes are to blame here with a 500ml serve giving you at least 500 calories, although choosing skim milk will reduce the fat content significantly.

4 drinks for a better choice

Frappes - Made using a lot more ice than many drinks, frappes tend to be lower in calories than other drinks as a result although the sugar content can still be high.

Fruit juice - With 20-30g sugar per 300ml serve it can be easy to overdo the fruit juice, but a single serve every so often is not a bad choice when it comes to calorie intake.

Coconut Water - Rich in potassium, coconut water is low in calories and will give you 18g of sugars per 250ml serve, which is much less than most fruit based juices.

Soda with lime - With slightly less sugar than regular soft drink, a touch of flavour with soda is a great way to enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot day and will give you less than 100 calories per serve.

4 drinks for best choice

Fruit and vegetable juice - If you choose just one fruit and 3-4 different vegetables, your refreshing juice can contain as little as 100 calories and less than 20g of sugars.

Homemade Iced Coffee - Coffee, ice and a little milk and you have a low calorie, refreshing Summer drink for just 150 calories per serve.

Homemade Iced Tea - Grab your favourite flavoured tea, mix with boiled water, allow to cool and then serve with plenty of ice for a refreshing drink and 0 calories.

Water - It doesn't matter if it's still or sparking, you cannot go past water as the most refreshing drink of all this summer. Try adding lime or lemon slices or mint leaves for a tasty twist with 0 calories.

Susie Burrell

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