5 Ways To Improve Self Control


Rosie Mansfield

Hedonism is a very human quality, especially when it comes to our tastebuds. A little of what you like is certainly good for you, but the joy of that first divine bite of milk chocolate will be guaranteed to lose its edge if the sneaky habit becomes a daily ritual.

Don't Stock It

Removing the temptation is the greatest way to increase self-control. If you truly want the indulgence that badly force yourself to have to take action and get out the house to go and purchase it. Whether it's alcohol, chocolate bars, lollies, ice cream, biscuits or chips.

Write Power Notes

Decide your goal, write it down on a sticky note, place it on the fridge or kitchen cupboards and focus. Remember discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments!

Food Diary 

I have said it once and I will say it again, food diaries are the most affordable and effective exercise a nutritionist can ever recommend. Simply by writing down everything you eat and drink in a food, mood and symptom diary for one week of every month it allows you to stay accountable and measure your progress. Consistent eating is also an encouraged habit as less than ideal meal choices tend to be made when one’s blood sugar levels are low and stress is high. 


Nothing reboots a mind-set like a good sweat session. When you get into a good rhythm of exercising regularly, especially first thing in the morning, you tend to make healthier food choices throughout the day - what starts well ends well.

Stress Management 

And breathe. Slowing down can be a great way to not only feel mentally better, but be in a better head space to make less emotional nutrition choices that will benefit our physical health. Experiment with your breath, try a 5-minute meditation or simply have a good talk with a friend.


It’s true that there is no medicine as effective as a good night’s rest. But it’s not only about the quantity of sleep, ideally around 7-9 hour mark, but of the quality. Making sure to include daily cardiovascular exercise, stopping caffeine consumption after lunch and reducing blue light exposure before bed will help to reap the rewards of the sleep.

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Rosie Mansfield

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