9 Reasons Why you Should Take Up Yoga


Tammy George

Yoga is more than a fad that a few people have indulged themselves, people all over the world have taken it up for its health benefits. Many others are sceptical about the benefits of yoga.

1. Improve your Flexibility

Our inactive lifestyles have contributed to our bodies becoming stiff and inflexible which leads to back pain, poor mobility and with low energy levels. Yoga allows you to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Improved flexibility can assist everyone from couch potatoes to athletes. Yoga can help people become more dexterous and agile.  

2. Breathing Benefits

Yoga will teach you how to focus on controlling your breathing. Being able to control your breathing in any situation can positively influence many aspects of your life including stressful situations.

3. Give your Brain a Boost

Studies have shown that a session of yoga can give your brain a boost in reaction times and creativity. After holding a few yoga positions or meditative postures, with deep breathing can improve your ability to concentrate more, process and retain information for longer.

4. Balance Improves

When we’re young we don’t give much thought to our balance, but later in life, a good balance can save you from bone-breaking falls. Yoga participants will set themselves up for great posture and balance throughout life.

5. Stress Relief

Yoga is designed to bring together your mind and body and for you to forget about the stress and worries. As our modern lives have become busier and more stressful, yoga has provided an outlet for managing the stress. Yoga can reduce the hormone cortisol in your bloodstream. Relaxation techniques can make you a calmer person and allow you to see the bigger picture rather than focus on small negatives.    

6. Strength

One of yoga’s main benefits is its ability to strengthen your body’s muscles. Using your body as a weight, you can build lean muscle which helps prevent injuries and can reduce pain. The extended pushups, squats and leg lifts will work your muscle groups, increase blood flow and bone health.

7. Sweep away the Toxins

There is no need to try the latest cleanse diet if you are doing a regular yoga class. Exhaling and sweating will remove toxins from your blood and organs so your body feels cleaner and your mind is more focused. A good yoga session will drain your lymph and give your immunity a boost.         

8. Relationship with your Body

Yoga teaches you to be in tune with your body, to hear when your body says enough. Having a greater understanding of how your body works will ensure you pick up any anomalies sooner because you know what does and doesn’t feel right.  

9. Suitable for any Age or Condition

Not everyone can take up a high impact exercise. An injury or advancing years may make it difficult for you to do some exercises. Yoga can deliver you the benefits without the risk of an injury. You don’t need special equipment or a class at the gym; you can practice yoga at home using the internet to learn yoga poses and meditation. Taking up yoga today will mean you’ve taken up an activity that you can continue for the rest of your life.

Try a few sessions of yoga and decide on the main benefits for you.

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Tammy George

Please note: Tammy's blog is general advice only. For further information on this topic please consult your healthcare professional.

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